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Bezogis may look cute on the outside, but behind those cute puppy eyes are fearsome warriors that pillage the lands of Bezogia to find blocks to mint mythical weapons and summon more Bezogi.

Build your collection of Bezogi, mint legendary mythical weapons and pillage resources all using cutting edge Blockchain technology.


By minting, you will receive a Bezogi Origin Block which can be used to summon a random Bezogi.

- Choose the number of Bezogi Origin Blocks you want, then click on the mint button.

- A maximum of 10 Bezogi Origin Blocks can be minted per wallet.

- There will be a total of 4096 Bezogi Origin Blocks available for minting.


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Bezogia Zerkogi Hero
Bezogia Sword


The bloodthirsty berserkers who in times of calm stick to their warrior code and principles, they are well-groomed, highly styled & obedient gentlezogi, but when the blood flows all hell breaks loose and they drift from the path of honor to the path of chaos. Once in combat all morals go out the window and they kill, kill and then kill some more, often just for the pure fun of it in their insatiable desire for blood.

The red attribute represents attack.

Bezogia Speedzogi Hero
Bezogia Speed


The legendary purebred Speedzogi are the only breed on Bezogia that can actually break the sound barrier when moving at full speed, leaving an iconic yet mesmerizing yellow trail of sparks in their wake. So make sure you nail down your loot if you want to keep it!

The yellow attribute represents speed.

Bezogia Shieldzogi Hero
Bezogia Shield


The Shieldzogi are well kept, tempered and eloquently spoken. They are often seen polishing their armor and sharpening their swords smiling at folk that stroll by. Everyone knows the world-renowned Shieldzogi and everyone relies upon their protection when danger is at hand.

The blue attribute represents shield.

Bezogia Holyzogi Hero
Bezogia Cross


The White Holyzogi are the healer breed of Bezogi and their key ability is a sacred 12-word seed phrase, which when chanted repeatedly, magically heals other Bezogi. Mystical purebred White Bezogi are the only fabled heroes who know the full recovery phrase, they keep their magical Recovery Seed Amulet close to their chest. They treat the special amulet like a child and never let it leave their sight, keeping the sacred phrase a closely guarded secret.

The white attribute represents healing.

Bezogia Freezogi Hero
Bezogia Heart


This is a tale of sadistic addiction, of pure malevolence and psychotic bloodshed. In the far northern reaches of Bezogia lies a frozen and hostile landscape inhabited by the deeply terrifying Green Freezogi. They, like many other breeds of Bezogi, enjoy the thrill of the kill but with a twist, they are absolutely, totally and utterly hooked on the noxious gasses encased within the blocks that reside deep within the tundra. When mined, the blocks release a potent gas which when inhaled, sends the Freezogi into a hyperactive psychotic state, filling them with power, unholy stamina and the maddening desire to inhale more gas.

The green attribute represents HP.

Bezogia Fudzogi Hero
Bezogia Magnet


The Orange Fudzogi thrive on cheats, lowballing and crude engineering, often scamming their victims out of everything they have or luring them into nasty traps crudely designed by their wicked spin doctors. They love a good bit of fud and use it to their advantage to crash the prices and then lock in massive profits. The Fudzogi thrive in the dip and roll in it proudly, hoovering up the heartbreaking losses of their enemies.

The orange attribute represents fud.

Bezogia Darkzogi Hero
Bezogia Dark


This is a tale of darkness, insatiable block burning and the dark magic that dwells deep in the depths of Bezogia. The Darkzogi harness their power by mercilessly burning blocks. They burn them black and suck the life force out of them, repurposing their core energy using terrifying dark magic to summon Bezogi. This gives them their distinctive dark look and power, but at a high price.

The black attribute represents improved Bezogi summoning abilities.

Bezogia Mintzogia Hero
Bezogia Mint


The Mintzogi run the lands of Bezogia and command great respect and power. They decide who triumphs and who is crushed under the hammers of the blessed. The Mintzogi have been melting down millions of blocks of all colors throughout the ages to craft and refine incredible weapons used by the armies of Bezogia to annihilate their foes.

The gold attribute represents improved item minting abilities.


The mythical weapons and items in the lands of Bezogia are minted directly from the blocks. Use your blocks to mint legendary weapons and items such as the Green Candle, a rock-solid sword strong enough to crack a skull or ten, often used to light the way while hunting down foes in dark caves.

Or perhaps the legendary Gas Mask created by the purebred Freezogi, a crudely engineered bio-enhancing Gas Mask, which melds with their face, attaching horrifically to the teeth, which, when activated, supplies a constant stream of intoxicating gas. The dreaded mask, which when seen in the dark sends shivers down the spines of everything in view, gives Bezogi a sudden pump in strength and stamina.

Collect magical blocks in the lands of Bezogia and mint your own collection of mythical NFT items.

Bezogia Golden Bezogi
Bezogia Mask

The unholy Gas Mask ready to be strapped to the face of the next foul gas craving Freezogi.

Bezogia Shield and Candle

The mighty Bezogian Bywall face to face with the dreaded Red Candle.

Bezogia Amulet Glowing

The Recovery Seed Amulet in all its holy glory.

Bezogia Green Candle Sword

The legendary Green Candle bursts into life as it yearns for blood & bone.


Mix and match Bezogi to summon powerful and unique Bezogi. Hoard your Bezogi like the famous Fud King of Bezogia, or start your own summoning business and sell your summoned Bezogi at Bull Market.

Each Bezogi has it’s own unique attributes based on the coloring of it’s body parts, each representing a different percentage of skill boost. The breed and DNA of Bezogis is directly derived from the two Bezogi used to summon, the purer the blood of the summoners, the higher the chance of getting a rare, epic or even purebred Bezogi.

Bezogia Witch


Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Bezogi NFT token sale and The Legends of Bezogia MMORPG.

A Bezogi is an NFT in-game character used to play Legends of Bezogia that lives on the Polygon blockchain. Bezogis may look cute on the outside, but behind those cute puppy eyes are fearsome warriors that pillage the lands of Bezogia to find blocks to mint mythical weapons and summon more Bezogi.

The Legends of Bezogia is an MMO blockchain based play to earn game utilizing NFT technology for in game asset growth and a complex in game economy. All coding is unique so provenance can be established for value and industry first concepts can be made a reality. Please see out Medium articles to dive into the sophisticated nature of Bezogis and the lands of Bezogia.

Bezogis have been sold out. You can only buy them from the secondary market here.

There is a total of 4096 unique mintable Bezogi Origin Blocks which can be used to summon Bezogi.

- 250 are reserved by the Bezoge Treasury for promotional giveaways
- 3846 will be available to mint at launch
- 24 purebred bezogi will be auctioned at a later date to the community

You will be minting a origin block which can be used to summon a Bezogi. We will allow Origin Blocks to be opened within 7-14 days after the sale is complete.

It's up to you whether ot not you decide to summon the Bezogi or keep it a surprise by not summoning.